Dr. Sandra Gould


In Recognition of Dr. Sandra Gould 

19th President of the National Association of Health Services Executives

Whereas, The Board of Directors, state and local leaders, other members, and staff of the National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE) humbly acknowledge the passing of the loyal and dedicated 19th national President of NAHSE and exemplary health care executive,  Dr./Mrs./Rev. Sandra Gould (A Dinosaur).


Whereas, there is now silence in our hearts and an immeasurable void at this 2021 NAHSE  National Conference as we reflect, celebrate, and honor the life of the third woman president in  the history of the National Association of Health Services Executives, a Greenville, South  Carolinian who considered herself to be a native New Yorker.


Whereas, we commend Past President Sandra Gould, the original Dinosaur, for her unselfish  dedication and service to NAHSE, the healthcare profession, and aspiring healthcare executives.


Whereas, Sandra was referred to as NAHSE’s Renaissance woman for her varied interests and  intellect. In 1998, she received NAHSE’s Senior Executive of the Year Award at the 13th Annual  Education Program and Exhibition in Philadelphia. She was a Past-President of the New York  Chapter of NAHSE and served as Secretary and President-Elect of the National Organization. She  was a Fellow in the American College of Health Services Executives.


Whereas, Sandra’s unremitting service as NAHSE National President (2001-2003) delivered a  remarkable record of accomplishments. Significantly, Dr. Gould persevered after the September  11, 2001 terror attack at The World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the downed United Airlines  flight in western Pennsylvania where over 3,000 lives were lost to continue with the 16th Annual  Meeting in New Orleans with the theme Strategies for Health Professionals: Building on a Solid  Foundation.


Whereas, Sandra, a woman of faith, actively engaged her husband, the Reverend James E. Gould,  Pastor of the New Jerusalem Baptist Church in Middletown, New York, into the emotional healing  process of NAHSE following the terrorist attacks.


Whereas, a highly respected health care executive, Sandra was never shy about advocating for  development of philanthropic funds for the organization. Her administration will be remembered  for its development of the Legacy Fund to raise funds for advancing the mission of NAHSE.


Whereas, Sandra was committed to building bridges of our past-presidents by establishing an  advisory body named The Elders to keep past-presidents involved in the organization’s decision making. The Elders subsequently morphed into The Dinosaurs where a number of senior health  care leaders, including past presidents, provided input into Gould’s administration.


Whereas, Sandra expanded the NAHSE Notes newsletter and introduced “The Young Turks”  section to highlight the talents of the early careerists in the organization. In addition, Sandra gets  credit for developing the NAHSE Hall of Fame to honor the organizations leaders.


Whereas, Sandra was committed to excellence with a diverse background in community hospitals  and academic medical centers, she retired as the Assistant Vice President for Ambulatory Care,  Community-Based Services, and Regulatory Affairs at SUNY Downstate/University Hospital.


Whereas, Sandra earned an R.N. from Bellevue School of Nursing, a B.A. in Sociology from the  College of New Rochelle, and M.S. in Health Care Administration and Policy from the New  School for Social Research. Sandra completed her Ph.D. in Health Service Policy and Management from Columbia University.


Whereas, Sandra is honored as a loving wife and mother of seven children, fourteen grandchildren and six great-grandchildren celebrate her legacy.


Be it known, we are grateful for NAHSE Dinosaur SANDRA R. GOULD, RN, MS, PH.D.,  FACHE, giving her all to advance the youth movement in NAHSE and make a difference in our  lives.


Furthermore, we will cherish the memories of Sandra and her faith in God and love for her family  and friends.


Therefore, be it resolved, we commit to honoring our Dinosaur, Sandra R. Gould, by continuing  her commitment and dedicated service to the mission of training the next generation of leaders.


Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be entered permanently into the minutes of  the National Association of Health Services Executives Governing Board.


Humbly submitted this day, October 13, 2021 

The National Association of Health Services Executives 

Fabian A. Stone, President (2019-2021)