ADVOCACY (Public Policy)


Advocacy is essential to the mission of the National Association of Health Services Executives.  Our Public Policy (or Advocacy) efforts will focus on ensuring that quality healthcare is affordable and available to all individuals, especially minority communities.


Advocacy Focus


  • Affordable Health Insurance for All
  • Accessible Health Services including Mental Health
  • Strengthen the Healthcare Delivery System


As a national organization with local chapters, NAHSE has the ability to influence policy on the local, state and national levels. Our collective efforts must ensure that we are improving the health of those in our community, city, state and on a national level. In addition, we are committed to promoting and advancing minority healthcare leaders. We will work to ensure that diversity in healthcare leadership is paramount in all our efforts.




NAHSE Public Policy and Advocacy Tool Kit for Chapters (Link)

Want to develop the functionality described in the Tool Kit.


Chapter Advocacy Activities