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How to (One Day) Become a CEO

By Roy Hawkins, Jr. FACHE and Paul Bohne


There are many reasons why executives aspire to become CEOs. For some, their drive is fueled by a motivation for power and/or ego. We have found in our interactions with hundreds of CEOs over the years that the common thread is they want to optimize the impact they have on the world. The money and recognition are great, but for most CEOs these do not serve as the driver. Instead, the position is a platform to improve the lives of others, and to self-actualize professionally by using and learning a wide variety of skills…

The Fight to Bring More Women of Color into Healthcare Management

By: Joy D. Calloway


The gaps in healthcare services are cruel in the United States, and they’re particularly cruel to women of color. African American women have significantly higher mortality rates during and after pregnancy. They also receive less treatment for pain management or cardiovascular issues. A 2017 study found women of color in the US die from cervical cancer, a preventable disease, at twice the rate of white women…