Presidents Greetings

NAHSE Members and Guests,


Welcome to the National Association of Health Services Executives! It truly is an exciting
time in the history of our organization as we prepare to celebrate our 50th Anniversary.
For fifty years NAHSE has advocated and supported the promotion and advancement of


minority healthcare leaders; for fifty years, NAHSE has worked tirelessly to ensure that mi-
nority and underserved communities have access to quality healthcare services. This year

we celebrate the visionaries who founded our organization , we honor members who

humbly work to fulfill our mission and highlight several young professionals whose pas-
sion and intellect will propel NAHSE into the next 50 years.


NAHSE was established in 1968 during the Civil Rights Movement. Today, more than ever,
I feel we are reliving that movement. As an organization we must continue our efforts to

ensure diversity is celebrated and that executive suites across this country reflect the indi-
viduals and communities we serve. We must ensure that all individuals have access to af-
fordable, quality healthcare services. In 2018, we continue the work that was begun more

than fifty years ago with a renewed commitment that NAHSE remains a relevant resource
for generations to come.Welcome to NAHSE and thank you for all you do everyday to

advance our mission.



Richelle R. Webb Dixon
National President