Percy Allen, II


In Recognition of Mr. Percy Allen, II 

14th President of the National Association of Health Services Executives

Whereas, The Board of Directors, state and local leaders, other members, and staff of the National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE) humbly acknowledge the passing of the Loyal and dedicated 14th national President of NAHSE and exemplary health care executive, Mr.  Percy Allen II (Godfather of NAHSE).


Whereas, there is now silence in our hearts and an immeasurable void at this 2021 NAHSE  National Conference as we reflect, celebrate, and honor the life of one of the most stupendous  members in the history of the National Association of Health Services Executives.


Whereas, we commend Past President Percy Allen II, the Godfather of NAHSE, for his unselfish  dedication and service to NAHSE, the healthcare profession, and aspiring healthcare executives.


Whereas, Percy’s unremitting service as NAHSE National President (1991-1993) delivered a  remarkable record of accomplishments. Significantly, the Godfather of NAHSE provided  testimony before the White House Task Force on Health Care Reform in the Old Executive  Mansion in Washington. He negotiated the initial contract with ServiceMaster to fund NAHSE’s  student scholarships, and Abbott Laboratories and Baxter International became corporate partners.  In 2010, Percy arranged for NAHSE’s President and President-Elect to travel to Washington, D.C.,  to testify in the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee under Committee chair Edolphus (Ed) Towns, Jr. (D-NY.) D.C. under President Clinton.


Whereas, Percy, a dedicated and committed unboastful executive in healthcare management,  worked tirelessly behind the scenes quietly, guiding and advising early, mid-level, and senior-level  careerists. He served as a mentor for decades to members of NAHSE, ACHE, and Sloan Program  in Health Administration students and alumni.


Whereas, a highly respected health care executive, Percy was a consummate advocate for  promoting Black healthcare executives and ensuring and developing healthcare services in  underserved communities. He was true to his values and advocated for people of color, particularly  Blacks, whether at the national and state level and in a boardroom of corporations, hospitals, and  communities he served. He was a remarkable trailblazer who always stood on the right side of  justice, diversity, and high-quality care access.


Whereas, Percy received numerous awards and recognitions for his exemplary leadership and  service as a leading health care executive. In 2006, he was inducted into NAHSE’s Hall of Fame  and received the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) President’s Award. NAHSE  changed the name of the Chapter of the Year Award to the Percy Allen II Chapter of the Year  Award. The New York Regional Chapter of NAHSE created the Percy Allen II, Senior Healthcare  Leadership Award. This award is for individuals committed to mentoring, coaching, and  developing persons of color to elevate their healthcare careers.


In 2011, he was inducted into the Modern Healthcare Hall Fame. On May 5, 2012, he was the  keynote speaker at Cornell University Sloan Program in Health Administration Wagner Memorial  Dinner. His speech titled “Not Under My Watch” focused on the secrets for turning around ailing  financial hospitals. In 2013, the American Hospital Association Center for Hospital and Healthcare  Administration History and Health Research & Educational Trust printed Percy Allen II-In First  Person: An Oral History. In 2014, The Biennial Percy Allen II ’75 Sloan Lecture in Urban  Healthcare Leadership was established to bring the Cornell University campus an accomplished  and high-profile leader from the health care sector working to address the health care needs of the  underserved in urban communities.


Be it known, we are grateful for NASHE Godfather PERCY ALLEN, II, giving his all for  advancing NAHSE, eradicating health disparities, and making a difference in our lives.


Furthermore, we will cherish the memories of Percy’s passion as a prolific collector of African  American Art; and his enjoyment of golfing, traveling, and entertaining friends and family with  his beloved wife, Faye.


Therefore, be it resolved, we commit to honoring our Godfather, Percy life by continuing his  commitment and dedicated service to the mission of eradicating health disparities.

Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be entered permanently into the minutes of  the National Association of Health Services Executives Governing Board.


Humbly submitted this day, October 13, 2021 

The National Association of Health Services Executives 

Fabian A. Stone, President (2019-2021)