Does your health care career need a boost?

Would a professional affiliation boost your career path?


The healthcare industry represents a dynamic marketplace that presents many opportunities and challenges for healthcare professionals. In health care, it is essential that current and future health professionals align themselves with organizations like the National Association of Health Services Executives that help to connect health professionals across the country. NAHSE is an organization of health care professionals from all around the nation who are actively pursuing excellence in the field of healthcare management and advocating for the medically underserved.

By becoming a member of NAHSE, you can actively participate in enhancing your career. NAHSE strives to serve as a vehicle by which Black health care leaders can help improve the health status, economic opportunities, and educational advancement of the communities we serve. You too can be a part of this vehicle of opportunity. NAHSE offers special membership types for current executives, students, and organizations. To determine the type of membership that you qualify for, please read the membership guidelines below.

Membership Benefits

Membership Guidelines

-Affiliation with one of NAHSE’s local chapters which allow for great educational and networking opportunities.


-Annual Educational Conference with healthcare related programs and well-known speakers and eligibility for pre-approved ACHE Qualified Education credits (non-ACHE) for this program toward advancement, or recertification in the American College of Healthcare Executives.


-An annual CEO/Senior Executive program that focuses on the leader’s role in healthcare.


-Young Healthcare Professionals Forum for students and early careerists.


-On-Line Career Center for members to post their resume and employers to post positions that are seeking experience minority professionals.

Active membership shall be available to those persons of acceptable character, education, and financial activity who are experienced employees in the health services administration field or who have executive or administrative responsibility for health care delivery, including teaching, or who are engaged in planning, consultation, legislation, publication, and other activities related to healthcare services and its delivery provided:

-Such persons are not interested in NAHSE solely for personal gain or employment;


-Such persons do not have or have not demonstrated moral, philosophical, or ideological views or directions and actions contrary to the goals and objectives of NAHSE; and


-Such persons remain financially active with the organization.

Membership Types

Personal/Associate Membership
Personal members are persons with a background in one of the following categories:

-Health and medical care administration having successfully completed an approved program in hospital administration, and/or health services administration, business administration, public health, medicine, economics, and other related graduate degrees deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors; or


-Persons with a background in health and medical care administration and health services delivery systems having experience in these fields that can be considered adequate to have attained an in-depth knowledge of the chosen area of endeavor.

Retiree Membership
Retiree membership is for those individuals that meet the following criteria:
-Member must be 65 years of age of older.


-Member must have been an active paid member of the organization at least (5) years of the last 10 year period.


-Member must be retired from full time employment.

Student Type I (Student membership)
Student members currently enrolled in an approved program in those fields mentioned in personal membership and other fields deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors. Student members are eligible for Type 1 personal membership upon the successful completion of the graduate program and having had one year’s experience in his or her chosen field.

Early Careerist (Type II) 
Recent graduates up to two years post-graduation working in a full-time paid position (including those in full-time paid residency or fellowship programs). This category is for a maximum of two years.