Fabian Stone


In Recognition of FABIAN STONE

28th President of the National Association of Health Services Executives

Whereas, The Board of Directors, state and local leaders, members, and staff of the National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE) humbly acknowledge the tremendous  contributions of our 28th President, Fabian Stone.


Whereas, Fabian was inducted as the President of the National Association of Health Services  Executives at the October 9-11, 2019 34th Annual Meeting in Washington, DC with over 800  meeting registrants, 29 participating universities and 86 participating students in the Everett V.  Fox Student Case Competition, and $35,250 case competition prizes awarded.  

Fabian hosted the NAHSE Leadership Retreat in December 2019 with “Advance,  Develop, and Elevate” as the Association moniker in preparation for its 35th Annual Meeting in  Atlanta, GA.  

Fabian’s unremitting service as NAHSE National President (2019-2021) delivered a  remarkable record of accomplishments. Significantly, Fabian persevered after the March 2020 national public health emergency due to COVID-19 where all hotels and public places were closed  to visitors and travel.  

Fabian, a man of faith, actively engaged the NAHSE membership and challenged the  Board and Committees to continue planning for the 35th Annual Meeting scheduled for Atlanta,  GA. As the COVID 19 pandemic raged on, the meeting transitioned to NAHSE’s first fully digital  platform. The Annual Educational Conference was a resounding success with 1,103 digital  workshop registrants, 37 participating universities and 110 students in the Everett V. Fox Student  Case Competition, with case competition prizes awarded of $45,000. 

a highly respected revenue cycle executive, Fabian was not shy about advocating for  social justice with the 2020 murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. He  led the organization in developing a position statement on social justice.  

his administration will be remembered for its development of relationships with The  Chartis Group and Deloitte to publish white papers on Black leadership in healthcare. The white  papers were published and posted to the NAHSE website.

, Fabian was committed to transitioning to the new Board Chair and governance structure  adopted by the Membership in October 2019, and will be recognized as the 28th and final  Association President. 

Fabian expanded the NAHSE reach to formalize a relationship with the Association of  University Programs in Health Administration where co-sponsorship of AUPHA and NAHSE will  endure for 5-years.  

Fabian and the Board collaborated with Health Management Associates to develop a  vaccine hesitancy toolkit/presentation that was shared with Chapters for education. In addition,  NAHSE was invited as a community partner to participate in Korn Ferry’s Charitable Foundation’s  Leadership U for Humanity – again raising NAHSE’s visibility.  

, in his final role as President, Fabian presided at the 36th Annual Meeting on October 12  – 14, 2021 with the Everett V. Fox Student Case Competition on November 8 – 12, 2021. The  Annual Meeting attracted 619 virtual workshop registrants. The Case Competition attracted 43  teams and 129 participating students with case competition prizes awarded at $45,000. 

Be it known,
we are grateful for NAHSE President Fabian Stone, MBA, MHA, MT (ASCP) giving his all for advancing the mission, vision, and values of the organization, preserving the  financial integrity of the organization, for working with two Interim Executive Directors and  successfully recruiting Executive Search Firm Witt Kieffer to recruit a permanent Executive  Director, and entering the final quarter of 2021 in a financially sound manner. 

Now, therefore, be it resolved
, we will cherish the Presidency of Fabian Stone by continuing his  commitment and dedicated service to the mission of training the next generation of leader.  

Submitted this day, December 5, 2021


Deborah Lee-Eddie, Board Chair (2021-2023)
The National Association of Health Services Executives