Early Careerist Committee

Early Careerist Committee


The National Association of Health Services Executives Early Careerist Committee acts as a
voice for the students and early careerists within the National Association of Health Services
Executives. This committee will strive to develop, advance, and provide opportunities for
NAHSE’s emerging leaders.


Early Careerist Committee Objectives

Propose and facilitate national opportunities for students and early careerists.

Connect with local chapters to provide support in engaging students and early careerists.

Help plan formal gatherings bi-annually for students and early careerists to connect, share experiences, and to build a vast network.

Host quarterly webinars

ECC Sub-Committees & Committee Chair(s)

Cameron Glenn

& Jessica M. Johnson
Professional Development, Webinars,

and Didactic Sessions

Dajzsa McDaniel

and Communications

Chelsea Perry

& Chad M. Collins
Chapter Development

and Outreach

Vaughn Williams

& Yamira Maldonado
Conference Events and Forums

Interested in being a committee member?

Early Careerist Committee Criteria and Responsibilities


 Committee members must have 10 years or less of experience in a health-services-related field.
Committee members are expected to participate in monthly committee conference calls.
 Committee members will serve a 2-year, renewable term.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more, please email: Nahseecc@gmail.com