Public Policy

As members of the health service delivery community and constituents, your involvement in the policy formation and advocacy process is very important. The following are resources and activities that NAHSE Chapters can utilize to promote NAHSE’s policy position and advocacy agenda:

1) Advocate for the policy agenda that NAHSE supports.



Our role in advocacy is to promote and increase the awareness in our communities of
NAHSE "S policy agenda.


1. Partner with organizations (disease related organizations, churches, Greek organizations,
local ACHE chapter) in the community to inform and educate on NAHSE’s agenda.



2. Host forums/town halls with speakers to inform on NAHSE’s advocacy agenda.



3. Utilize public media- Put canned articles on the topic as op eds in the local news paper.



4. Maintain up to date local chapter website.

2) Engage your members and chapter as a whole in policy shaping activities.


Vocalize the impact of legislation on communities of color to policy makers, so that
they know people care about the decisions that are made.


Hold policy makers accountable, and celebrate policy makers for legislation that
supports NAHSE’s agenda and increases health care access in the community.


1. Encourage chapter members to get involve with their state annual caucus (i.e. black
caucus). It is a great platform to introduce NAHSE.


2. Advocating for public policy via letter writing campaigns, phone calls, or legislative visits.

3) Stay Informed on the latest information about health care policy at the national, state and local


NAHSE members will be able to have competent discussion on health issues that affect
the community.

NAHSE members will be able to suggest policy with facts and figures to the Public
Policy Committee, and local policy makers. 


1. Look for Policy Advocacy Alerts from the National NAHSE office on behalf of the Public
Policy and Advocacy Committee to send to local chapter members.


2. Join national, state, local health listserves, and alert systems. advocacy/advocacy-for- public-health/phact-
campaign/state-fact- sheets


3. Subscribe to national health association publications

4) Know your local policy makers (city council/commissioner’s/alderman’s, state legislators).
Make sure they know what NAHSE is about.


Policy Maker will know how NAHSE can be a resource for information about health


When NAHSE sends comments on an impending policy, the policy makers, know who
NAHSE is and the importance of the position that NAHSE takes on a local policy.


1. Host a legislative breakfast, dinner, lunch and learn at the state capital, lunch and learn for
local policy makers.


2. Identify chapters members, if any that work for local and or state legislators and encourage
them to join the public policy committee or start one.


3. Identify legislators that are members of the local and state health committee and find out if
they have pending health care bills that NAHSE can support.

Contact the Public Policy and Advocacy Committee via the NAHSE National Office for suggestions.