President’s Greetings 

Welcome to the National Association of Health Services Executives!
Since its inception in 1968, The National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE)
continues to be a premier non-profit association of Black health care executives that promotes
the advancement and development of Black health care leaders and the participation of other
traditionally underrepresented groups in the health field to elevate the quality of health care
services rendered to minority and underserved communities.


There is no question that NAHSE must be a focal point in the healthcare industry. National,
state, and local political arenas are facing their most significant challenges in the healthcare
profession and healthcare reform. We can expect a sharp increase in the need for action that
ensures organizations such as NAHSE are equipped to effectively and efficiently address the
needs of their members and constituents.


As the President, NAHSE’s Action: Assessing (Continuous Improvement), Celebrating (our
Accomplishment), Teaming (Working Together) Innovating (Embracing New Better Ways), and
Optimizing (Increasing membership and engaging all members) and Nahseing (appreciating our
supporters). In collaboration with one another, I am confident our ACTION will promote and
add value to NAHSE’s long-standing success in improving the health status, economic
opportunities, and educational advancement of the communities we serve.


Thanks to members, supporters for your spirit of giving back by sharing your talents,
experiences, and contributions to advance NAHSE and the healthcare profession. Your
contribution encourages me that together, we can make a positive difference in our profession!
I look forward to a continual relationship with you in our efforts to strengthen NAHSE’s
collective voice and the healthcare profession.


Fabian A. Stone
National President