Our History

Founded in 1968, NAHSE has become the premier professional association for Black executives in the healthcare field.


In 1936, a meeting of all “Negro hospital executives” was called and held at Lincoln Hospital in Durham, NC. Over time the National Conference of Hospital Administrators (NCHA), developed a distinctive identity during this period of growth, the NCHA only had one meeting a year in conjunction with the American Hospital Association (AHA). It became clear a once a year meeting would not be adequate to address the issues sought by the pioneers of our cur­rent organization. As a result, the National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE) evolved in 1968.


Its leadership and members are administrators, practitioners and educators, working in a wide-variety of healthcare organizations. NAHSE was established for the pur­pose of promoting the advancement and development of these leaders and ele­vating the quality of healthcare services rendered to minority and underserved communities.


Since its inception, NAHSE has sponsored and participated in local and national programs designed to improve quality, access, and availability of health services and to expand educational opportunities in the field of health services administration. NAHSE has a proud heritage, one we celebrate each and every year at our National Educational Conference.